Today we take another look at quotes from Carl Jung.

"For the practical work of dream-analysis we need a special knack and intuitive understanding on the one hand, and a considerable knowledge of the history of symbols on the other. As with all practical work with psychology, mere intellect is not enough; one also needs feeling, because otherwise the exceedingly important feeling-values of the dreams are neglected. Without these, dream analysis is impossible.

As the dream is dreamt by a whole man, it follows that anyone who tries to interpret dreams must be engaged as a whole man too….. understanding and knowledge there must be, but they should not set themselves up above the heart, which in turn must not give way to sentiment.

All in all, dream interpretation is an art, difficult, but capable of being learned by those whose gift and destiny it is."

C.G. Jung The Development of Personality C.W. #17 P106,107

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