This week in the third video in the series of Jung Quotes, we present the "Individuation and Dreams" quote and quickly break down what this means in the video below.

"This phenomenon is a kind of developmental process in the personality itself. At first it seems that each compensation is a momentary adjustment of one-sideness or an equalization of disturbed balance. But with deeper insight and experience, these apparently separate acts of compensation arrange themselves into a kind of plan.They seem to hang together and in the deepest sense to be subordinated to a common goal, so that a long dream-series no longer appears as a senseless string of incoherent and isolated happenings, but resembles the successive steps in a planned and orderly process of development. I have called this unconscious process spontaneously expressing itself in the symbolism of a long dreams-series: the individuation process."

P292- 293C.G. Jung. C.W. vol.8 The structure and dynamic of the psyche. On the nature of dreams.

Individuation and Dreams Video

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