Astrology, Alchemy, Dreams

The Healer and the Dreamer is a 12 module workshop series developed by astrologer Martin Comtois.

Every workshop is independent; so you can attend the ones you are most interested in. As whole; the Healer and the Dreamer is a powerful process of integration of the discipline of astrology and dream work. It also seeks to give the participants a strong foot hold in their studies of the work of Carl Gustav Jung. It will bring you clarity and empowerment as you move forward on your journey of individuation and Self realization.An Intentional and transformational workshop series for integration of astrology, alchemy, dream work and the analytical psychology of Carl G.Jung in support of individuation and self realization. Insight and wisdom for our changing times. Next level tools for a new age.

Healer dreamer workshop

Workshop 1 - Astrology, Alchemy and the Analytical Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung: Jung the man and his work. Insights and tools for the age of Aquarius.

Workshop 2 - The Symbolic Language of Dreams. The Symbolic Life and Integrating a dream practice

Workshop 3 - Individuation and the Quest for the Realization of the Self Understanding Jung main concepts through Mandala drawing.

Workshop 4 - The Philosophical Rose - How do we heal, who is the healer and the role of the transference in the process.

Workshop 5 - Synchronicity and developing emotional intelligence. Magic, mysticism, Dreams and astrology.

Workshop 6 - The Cosmic Theatre - The stage (zodiac), the actors (planets), the dialogue (aspects), the unfolding (transits). Getting to know your chart.

Workshop 7 - The Zodiac Mandala and the Geometry of the Self. Sacred Geometry, the polarities, the elements and the modalities. The aspect grid. The signs and their rulers.

About Martin Comtois

Workshop 8 - The Planetary Archetypes and their Myths. The luminaries, the personal, the social and the transpersonal planets.

Workshop 9 - The Aspects and the Personal Myth Mandala.
The constellation of complexes and telling retelling of the story.

Workshop 10 - The transits and the Development of Personality. The Sun the Moon and the eclipse season. The Personal and collective transits.

Workshop 11 - The Sprit of our Times. The spirit of the depths: important outer planetary alignments of our times.

Workshop 12 - The Priestess Rising. The myth of Persephone and the role of the Priestess.

Schedule & Locations

Victoria: Every Thursday evening at 6.30 pm starting on February 26 2020 (the first week is Wednesday) 7rays; 2002 Fernwood Dr.

Duncan: Every Wednesday evening evening at 6.30pm starting on February 25 2020 (the first week is on a Tuesday) The Collective Space; 166 Station st.


Individual Workshop - $30
4 workshops - $100
Complete Series - $250.
Sign up for the full series and receive 50% of Martin's Readings to support you in the integration of the material and to guide your inner process.