Martin Comtois

Astrology for a New Age

About Martin Comtois

The Healer and the Dreamer is a contemporary  practice for the  integration of the ancient art of astrology for the healer, the artist and the spiritual adept.The Healer and the Dreamer is an intimation of the archetypal shift emerging at this important time in human history. This first work by astrologer Martin Comtois seeks to bring clarity to the role of astrology and alchemy play in the evolution of our modern individual and collective consciousness. It also seeks to bring clarity to the relevance of dream work in the process of self realization. He outlines the synchronicity that these three shamanic practices share in mapping out the individual path of self development. His goal is to give insight into these practices and make them available to the artist, the healing practitioner and the spiritual adept to guide their practices. He teaches simple and accessible tools for integration of these disciplines and provides important guidance in making the best of the changing time.

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