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The Healer and The Dreamer weaves an insightful tapestry using astrology, alchemy, dream work and the analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung to bring clarity to the path of self realization in our modern age.

You will need your date, time and place of birth. It is also recommended that your record the session for further review.

Transit reading

A transit reading looks at the planets where they currently are and how they are triggering your natal chart. This reading can be a good introduction to astrology and reflects what is going on in your life at the present time. It is also a good follow up to a full reading and can be explored regularly to provide insight into your process. 

30 min $60

Natal Chart reading

A natal chart is the map of the stars when you were born. A natal chart reading can provide great insight into your life path, help you understand your challenges and talents, and can bring light to ancestral gifts and traumas. It is a great tool in psychological analysis and can be profoundly helpful on your path of individuation or self realization.

1 hr $100

Natal Chart and Transit reading

This in-depth reading combines the insight of the natal reading with the real-time development triggered but the current transits. This profound exploration will bring you clarity and insight as you move forward in your life. Keep a dream journal leading to the reading and we will explore the dream material at the end of the reading to provide further insight into your unconscious processes.

1 1/2  to 2 hrs reading $140 ~ $180

Dream analysis

Dream work is one of the most powerful disciplines you can integrate to help you in your process of individuation or self realization. The symbolism of dream material strongly resembles astrological symbolism and the two disciplines can support each other to assist you on your path.

1/2 to 1 hr. $60 to $100

Readings available in person, or online.

Don’t let finances be a barrier, alternatives available.