New Moon Blessings friends.

Like everyone else I'm having to adjust to the changing times. In my videos and facebook posts I'm shifting to present material that has more depth and perspective moving from looking at individual new and full Moon's to monthly and yearly outlooks.

My previous YouTube video looked at the full month of December and generated the most views and the most new subscribers of all my videos so far.

This latest offering is the first part of a three part series called " The Astrological Anatomy of our Current Crisis".

The first episode, (below) is a look at the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction and the Winter solstice.

In the next offering we will look at the important events of the last decade and the building of the intensity we are now living through. In the third instalment we will look at 2021 and what to expect and how to prepare.

In these posts we will focus on depth and perspective and we will discuss the Age of Aquarius from a Jungian angle as we all roar into the 20ies.

I'm focusing on developing my Youtube channel and developing my technological abilities so as to offer workshops online.

I now have a monthly newsletter I'm sending out to keep you more informed about the evolution of my work. You can sign up for it here on the site. (Check the side bar)

In any event please reach out and connect with me as I seek to be of service to you in these powerful times. I so much appreciate your ongoing support. Wishing you the very best as we all prepare to move into a new Season and a new Year. ready or not 2021 here we go...... Solstice blessings, In Service MC Starman

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