Finding Meaning in a time of Crisis; the Eclipse season, the Winter Solstice and the Jupiter Saturn conjunction.

The Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse comes to us on Monday November 30th.

Eclipse seasons come twice a year and in the history of Astrology have been seen as key points where we connect with meaning and purpose. They are like sign posts along the journey of life. A time to check in with the deep self and receive instructions as to what is coming in the next six months.

These eclipses come right after the last Jupiter Pluto conjunction and will be part of the constellation of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction coming at the Winter solstice. These are powerful times of tension and intension as these astral events will go a long way in bringing clarity into our lives as we prepare to turn the page on 2020. I affectionately call 2020 the year of the control freak.

Although times are still very much uncertain 2021 announces itself with so much anguish in all of us. Digging deep into the shadow and doing the inner work during these eclipses and the solstice will help prepare us as we all navigate these complex times together. 

Check out the video above as I speak to this in more details.

This is the first monthly forecast I have done and I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

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Do take the time to nurture inner connections and share your realizations with those who are near you. More than ever before as the year turns we will need our tribe and our families near as we travel these uncertain times.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction known to the Alchemist as the Maxima Conionctio traditionally is a time of great social change that usher in a new cycle. What we do with it is up to us as we find meaning in these times of crisis.

Sending you peace and love, Martin Comtois (mc starman)

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