Mars Conjunct Venus in Capricorn Square Chiron in Taurus.

Mars is about expression, but not just about expression; more closely aligned with assertiveness. We need to develop a healthy way to assert ourselves. If we are too assertive however we can become tyrannical or dictatorial; forcing our will on others and developing a level of selfishness; even cruelty or rage can take over.

Venus seeks equilibrium and harmony and a healthy emotional response. It’s more than just the feminine principle it’s healthy relationship in all interactions, even with inanimate objects or animals and plants. Our relation to everything around us. A dysfunction of Venus is to become manipulative and perhaps even vain, or wanting to portray oneself as better than you really are! Wanting to show off and be seen - maybe like a peacock.

And so it’s easy to see how the combination of Mars with Venus can go one of two ways….. we can aggressively manipulate people to do what we want to benefit ourselves or to make ourselves look good. OR we can express ourselves in a way that gets our message across whilst also taking into account the other persons feelings and needs.

So - with these two planets dancing together through Capricorn, what does that add to this? Well, the sign uncovers to us the energies that motivate the planets. Why is the planet trying to express itself - what is it’s intention? What’s it trying to achieve how is this energy trying to evolve?!

To find out let’s look at Capricorn - the sea goat. The creature that can succeed in the depths of the ocean and the heights of the mountains - it’s mastery of the physical world and can lean towards world power and even represents the Archetype of Prime minister. It also represents the archetypes of Hermit and the Father. All of these archetypes seem to have an element of control about them. The prime minster seeking power through acceptance or popularity, the hermit seeks power to control their surroundings and interactions and the father controls the child, ALL imposing limitations or restriction on the self or the other.

Capricorns goal is to marry the internal self with the external role one plays, seeking approval from within oneself and not looking for applause from others.

And so let’s take Mars and Venus and ask ourselves what evolutionary gains in Capricorn is this combination asking us to explore?

From my perspective and trying to be objective, it seems to be about a balance of power. A confidence in oneself yet an acceptance of others’ boundaries and limitations. The highest expression of Capricorn might be integrity and if we push past integrity we might upset others, or in fact become overly controlling and manipulative. We may force unhealthy measures on another and overstep boundaries. We might go the other way and hide from life. We may swim to the bottom of the ocean and drown ourselves in the weight of heavy emotions in those dark depths.

The astrology of this particular configuration (and there’s way more going on that could shift this perspective) is that it’s calling for mastery and integrity in relationship to everything around us. So how do we put this energy to work and how can we evolve?

We must develop an iron will, have faith in our path and in our own power, yet bring that power to light whilst always having compassion and respect for others, merging harmony and beauty with our will, and expressing ourselves in a way that allows others to be themselves too. The merging together of the individual will of billions of humans is not an easy task and conflict will arise, but managing those conflicts with compassion and integrity will be the best evolutionary path.

With all of this squaring Chiron, the wounded healer, in Taurus we add in the tension of our traumas. We’ve been controlled before, we’ve been hurt before, we’ve hurt others before. We have all been horrible people at some point. And that fact is hard to bear. We must understand that we can still be willful and compassionate and we can grow in that area of our life.

We must accept our traumas of the past and understand that mistakes have been made. We can heal ourselves and others by accepting the suffering we have gone through and have caused others. And that currently, with Chiron in Taurus, is all being motivated by the need for serenity and the image of peaceful fields in the sunshine. We must all learn how to get along peacefully, allowing each human to live their life with integrity whilst also expressing our boundaries and limitations with a firm but compassionate, strong and healthy expression.

Ask yourself - are you being overly assertive in your stance and as a result harming someone else? Are you being too weak in your integrity and allowing people to force you to do things you don't want to do? Are you expressing your needs with compassion and understanding that the other is also following their will? Can we come together to find common ground upon which we can all slowly move forward in peace and harmony whilst all standing in our integrity?

Wishing you all the best on this journey and I hope these musings land in your heart and you are able to poke your Capricorn goat head through the clouds and see the sunshine. It sure can be a challenge in these times. All the best.