Libra ♎︎ Full Moon☽ Blessings ☯️??

Plan a ritual and get yourself and your crystals out in the Moon light.

The Moon is full as it rises tonight (7th of April) on the pacific coast at 7.35 pm. So much tension is being released and clarity is returning as the exact conjunction of Jupiter ♃ and Pluto ♇ ends and the Moon shines at Her brightest.
The Sun ☉ in Aries ♈︎ and the Moon ☽ in Libra ♎︎ symbolize the great tension of opposites between the journey of the hero (Sun in Aries) and the need to be mindful and connected harmoniously with others (Moon in Libra). It's good to remember that libido, in a Jungian sense, is created by the tension of opposites. The Sacred Marriage (new Moon) is the initiation to creativity and the full Moon is its realization. Out of isolation comes renewal and re-engagement. The full Moon releases tension as a storm in Summer. We feel lighter and more ready to honour the challenge at hand.

new moon in Taurus
The upcoming New Moon in Taurus April 22nd

I added the chart of the next new moon on April 22nd 4/22/2020 just two days after 4/20/2020 and we just had 4/4/2020; important numerology of wholeness.

What both charts suggest (this full moon and the next new moon) is a complete review of how we assess our personal and collective wellbeing.

First we have the Sun ☉ and the Moon ☽ forming a t-square with the Pluto ♇,

Jupiter ♃, Saturn ♄, Mars ♂︎ four way conjunction.

The new Moon ☾ in Taurus ♉︎ is exactly conjoined Uranus ♅ and all three square the Pluto ♇ ,Jupiter ♃, Saturn ♄, triple conjunction. It's important to try to grasp the meaning of both of theses six planet alignments.

Sun ☉ is the masculine archetype seeking to share His light with the world.

The Moon ☽ is the reflective feminine nature Goddess who mirrors and contains the creative solar deity.

Mars ♂︎ is the will to individuation and the force of desire.

Jupiter ♃ is expansion, faith, hope and enthusiasm to reach your highest potential.

Saturn ♄ is mastery, discipline, determination to reach that highest potential.

Uranus ♅ is our collective and personal urge to grow and evolve, to overcome outdated boundaries that are limiting and restricting through acts of enlightenment and evolution.

Pluto ♇ is death and rebirth, the power of transformation, collective and personal ancestral rage, what is dying in me so that I can be reborn to a higher octave of expression in harmony with the desires of the great Mother.

full moon in libra
Full Moon in Libra April 7th 2020

With all these archetypes involved in these constellated alignments we are confronted with the great paradoxes of love and fear, birth and death, peace and war, freedom and control, materialism and spiritualism, sustainability and excess, compassion and greed.

A great choice is offered to us in these times of crisis and how we respond will go a long way in our re-creating the world we live in for a better future. But the tensions of opposites is at a fever pitch and it's easy to get caught up in one madness or another. Energetic and objective action is needed to stem the tied of misinformation and hysteria. 

I will discuss these two charts and the complexities of these alignments in my MC Starman #6 on my YouTube channel. I have been preparing a study of the Jupiter ♃ Pluto ♇ conjunctions of 2020.

The Jupiter ♃ Saturn ♄ conjunction of the end of 2020 and the Jupiter ♃ and Saturn ♄ squares of Uranus ♅ in 2021.

I have gone back in history to research these patterns and have found some interesting comparisons of our time with other key times in our collective evolution.

It's a work still in progress and I'll share the information as time unfolds. It is meant as a study of the energies we are facing and will be facing in the coming years with the hope that an emerging strategy will unfold as we all navigate these complex times.

Always an honour to be of service,
Thank you for supporting my work.
Peace and Love,
Martin Comtois
MC Starman
The Healer & The Dreamer Astrology

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