August 1st 2022

Mars: the planet of fire, war and aggression, but also the planet of powerful free will, achievement and courage. Mars is the first planet in our solar system to sit outside of Earths orbit. We, here on Earth, do not encircle it as we do Mercury and Venus, meaning that Mars has a little more freedom, it is brave enough to act outside of the watchful eye of our Earthy container. 

If we are able to express our Mars in a healthy way, we will feel free and powerful, able to achieve great things and to express our individual nature with courage, asserting ourselves without upsetting others. If however we are unable to achieve balance in the expression of Mars, we may express anger and rage in unhealthy ways and scorn those around us and maybe feel irritable for how others seem to be treating us. Perhaps our suppressed anger could manifest in physical injury or dis-ease if we are holding it back from healthy expression. 

Mars asks us to look at how we can assert ourselves in a healthy way, and carefully choose which battles we must face. t, We must not sit around and allow what are we truly passionate about to simply pass us by? What is truly worth standing up and fighting for? How can we achieve great things in our expression of Mars?

Uranus, a planet much further out in our solar system, has some similar qualities. Whilst it is said to represent the element of air; in mythology Uranus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humans, so there is a connection there to fire also. Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius, with Saturn. If we combine the energies of Uranus with Saturn and fire with air, we can, as Liz Greene has presented, reach an assumption that this could represent enlightenment. With the discipline of Saturn intertwined with the light bringer energies of Uranus along with it’s need to challenge authority (stealing from Gods), we can witness the need to break free from certain constraints and in doing so contribute to a better humanity. 

So with Mars Conjunct Uranus on August 1st 2022 for the 4th time this year, we can certainly say that there is some powerful revolutionary energies available to us. This time though they are also joined by the North Node of the moon. This point in astrology represents a place where the future is forged. It is quite a challenging and uncomfortable place to spend time, but great changes on a soul level can be achieved by visiting this arena. 

There is a whole lot more occurring in the sky at this time, including a square between the north node and Saturn, adding another layer of discipline and limitations in how we can shape the future or how the future relates to the structures and familiar ways of doing things. We may find that the familiar routines are shattered, or new routines can be formed. 

Venus is square Chiron, which may put our desires for comfort and pleasure at odds with our healing path. We need to be careful not to forget our healing journey and overindulge in the beautiful things in life, yet at the same time not wallow in despair and pain at the neglect of beauty and desire. Let’s not forget about the things we love and spend some time loving our own healing journey.

The Sun trine Jupiter adds a playful flavour to all of this; a way to express our childlike joy and faith in the process.

With Saturn also opposing mercury we have to be impeccable with our word. Watch what we say and think and how we express ourselves in-front of others. Mercury is highlighted even more in this chart as it sits at the focal point of a Yod with Pluto and Neptune. This indicates a huge renewal in the way the collective thinks or communicates about things. 

Perhaps taking all these energies into consideration we have an ultimate recipe for a shift in human consciousness and a switch in direction of the collective here on Earth? 

There is an energy of challenging authority, not just authority outside of ourselves but even our own authority? Are we able to be the best we can be, are we listening to our own inner authority? Are we being too strict with ourselves or are we ignoring the deep inner authority that knows what to do for the best? How do we interact in the local and global community? Are there things we are not saying, that we should, or are there things we are saying, that maybe we should refrain from? These are the questions of this time. 

Can we bring enlightenment to the world around us by asserting ourselves through our words and actions? Will those in the media professions do what is right and stand up for truth? Can we all be impeccable with our words, thoughts and actions?

The future is changing, what it looks like is down to each and every one of us and how courageous we can be to stand up and say, “hang on, this is not right!”.

by Alan Churchill