Sagittarius ♐︎ Full Moon ☽ rising on a world in crisis.

One is reminded of the CCR song bad Moon rising.
Not that this Full Moon ☽ is any worst or any better than many of the astral events we have seen so far this year.
But the focus is shifting from a purely medical crisis to a socio-economic and political crisis reverberating through out the world. These developments are mirrored but the astrological dynamics at work and much insight can be gained as to its unfolding.
The Sagittarius ♐︎ Full Moon ☽ comes on Friday the 5th of June at 12.12 pm on the pacific coast. The Sun ☉ in social and engaging Gemini ♊︎ is in conjunction to Venus ♀︎ retrograde. This event which takes place every year and a half is important on many levels. Venus ♀︎is the Muse; the Goddess of love; of beauty; of the arts, of relationships. Her task is to give voice and expression to our Solar need to shine our light and to make a contribution to the world. As Venus ♀︎ moves from her role as the evening star to her role as the morning star she becomes more difficult to see and therefore more introverted. Our connection with her as she moves into conjunction with the Sun ☉ becomes more crucial but also more difficult to express.
The Full Moon makes a T-square to the applying Mars ♂︎ Neptune ♆ conjunction in Pisces ♓︎ creating a profound tension between the opposites in our own nature. A shadow expression of Mars ♂︎ Neptune ♆ is repression and deceit of the personal will. A well integrated Mars ♂︎ Neptune ♆ conjunction seeks to be in service to the redeeming of the human spirit. As Mars ♂︎ moves toward its exact conjunction with Neptune ♆ on June 13th we are bound to see this paradox grow in intensity.
Other factors to consider is Mercury ☿ turning retrograde on June 18th while Venus ♀︎ turns direct on June 24th. So both inner planets will be retrograde as the new Moon Eclipse and the Summer Solstice arrive. Just as the Winter solstice announced much personal and collective intensity so does the Summer solstice. 
The other important factor to consider in this analysis is the applying Jupiter ♃ Pluto ♇ conjunction at the end of June. This is the 2nd of these planets three conjunction in 2020. The first came at the end of March and brought an incredible tension in our personal and collective lives. The last will be in November of this year. 
These are not easy times to navigate and as these astrological events mature the tension is bound to rise and fall in dramatic ways. The beautiful part of it all is that it invites profound change in our personal and collective lives. Mother Nature is calling for a renewal on the human spirit and every rebirth is always preceded by a death. So much depends on how we as individuals rise up to these challenges to invite meaningful and creative change to the Status Quo. This takes a lot of courage and dignity in the face of what is ailing our world. 
If we look back in history we can see that the Jupiter ♃ Pluto ♇ conjunction comes at very intense times in our collective. Two dates that come to mind is 1968 and 1943. I call it the "storming the beach" factor. Just think of the immense courage that it took both individually and collectively to stem the tide of nazism and fascism. Just think of the courage it took for the protesters that fought against the evil of the Vietnam war and the racial and sexual inequalities and political tensions of the late 60ies. All these are well documented in history and the world will look back on these times with a similar view as we together stand to make history. As Jung said: So much depends on the moral and spiritual courage of modern man.
These are the times we have been waiting for and together we can change the course of history. Each and everyone of us on our own journey are being asked to symbolically storm the beach.
Let's look after each other brothers and sisters.
In service,
Peace and love,
Martin Comtois
MC Starman
The Healer and the Dreamer Astrology

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