Taking responsibility for our own leadership

It is healthy to confront the challenges of our times in a conscious and compassionate way. This Full Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto; the transformative archetype of death and rebirth and challenges us to look at our own ancestral rage. The sign of Capricorn makes it clear that we need the courage to assume the responsibility for our own leadership. The Sun in Cancer in conjunction to Mercury encourages us to communicate in kind and nurturing ways with each other so that we can feel supported as we move forward. The Sun Mercury conjunction and the Moon Pluto conjunction form a t-square with the wide conjunction of Jupiter in Chiron further encouraging us to do the work of healing our ancestral wounding and to take leadership in the healing work needed. If these times have sought us anything it is that we live in a sick society that needs so much love and compassion to change its course. Mars the warrior archetype is moving rapidly towards its conjunction with Uranus the archetype of evolution and revolution activating the applying last Saturn Uranus square which will dominate the end of Summer and the coming Fall. This culmination of tensions that have been with us for the last few years are eroding our energies and structures so much that the most vulnerable are exhausted and on the verge of breakdown. The chaotic socio-economic realties of our times encourage us to take responsibility for our actions and to make the courageous steps needed to bring about the change needed in our lives. This is in no way easy and requires that we come together in communities and we learn to take care of each other and support each other. A confrontational attitude won't get us to the promise land, what we need is to be conciliatory and respectful of each other. As it becomes more and more clear that we depend on each other for survival than we learn to treat each other with love and respect and that will help us over come the differences that divide us. When there is a fire everyone comes together to protect lives and neighbourhoods. That's the kind of people we are. As in other times in history challenges have brought out the best in humanity. This is also what will come out of these intense times of crisis. We are the ones we have been waiting for and it is our responsibility to show up and be the change we want to see. This Full Moon and the coming season drives this message home clearly. Rise up, rise up. Peace and love, MC Starman