The dangers and opportunity in Isolation

The word comes from sol: the sun or symbolically, the soul. It is related to solitude and solace or in Jungian psychology to introversion. If you have been in jail or if you have lived in a monastery or in the bush you know that a break down occurs when one is in isolation. For prisoners who miss behave you put them in the hole for a couple of weeks and that will break them or make them stronger.

Same thing happens in silent meditation and other practices like being alone in nature away from people. One get to meet ones soul.

That confrontation is often brutal and one need tools to deal with this.

In the next few days I will continue this thread and will answer any questions you may have about dealing with isolation in a healthy way so that you can become stronger and you can use these times to nurture and meet your soul.

I will also post some YouTube videos as a support for your introversion. I have one on there now about working with your dreams.

Later today I will also do a video on the subject of isolation and give you more details on these points.

The greatest danger in isolation is not to be well resourced and not to accept good habits that will make you stronger.

  • Don't binge on social media and tv in all its forms because that will make your mind like jello.
  • Don't loose human contact. Reach out to your friends and family on a daily basis and discuss how you are doing.
  • Avoid feeding the fear and focusing on what the media is saying.
  • Get some Sun and some contact with nature as much as you can.
  • A writing practice and a dream practice is super nourishing and can act as a guide as you give voice to your soul.
  • Reading some good self help books like "the artist's way" by Julia Cameron will be greatly helpful.
  • Having a creative practice where you make art everyday will give you a sense of accomplishment and joy that will go a long way to help you withstand this collective crisis.

Lastly it is super important you understand the psychic nature of this crisis. As much as our collective leaders are trying to make us believe the virus is what we need to worry about the reality is that this is a psychic epidemic and it is fed on fear. We are living through the greatest collective psychosis of our times. That we make our psyche, our soul, strong is the greatest need of our times. That is the great opportunity you have in these times.

I'll write more on this and will show up everyday for myself and for you.

Let's feel a strong bond uniting us and grow into the change we want to see in the world.

These are the defining days of our times. Lets show up for each other.
Peace and love

MC Starman

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